Nothing to do with Islam of course

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canada goose clearance sale Nice (the city)I saw the report of the Nice truck massacre on the news last night, and every time I went to the online news for the canada goose outlet us rest of canada goose outlet london uk the evening, the death toll kept mounting. Now,New York Times reports, it up to 84 dead and many more wounded 18 critically. This is the third major attackin France in the last year canada goose outlet in vancouver and a half, and the canada goose outlet store quebec police are calling it a canada goose outlet seattle attack. I suspect it is, but we don know for sure.Meanwhile, for the time being can we avoid canada goose jacket outlet uk the recriminations, the finger pointing, the speculation, and the worries that this will initiate a wave of The first thought should always be for the victims. For if we don perceive the depth of the sorrow, what canada goose outlet vip good is our concern?When things like this https://www.canadagoosepark.com happen, I always think of some of the people in my life who have died. I have been devastated at those losses, which mostly involve friends and acquaintances. But, aside from my parents, I haven lost any close relatives or partners. Allof those 84 people had loved ones, so multiply a single murderedindividualby 84, and then by the average number of close friends, relatives, and partners ofthat person. That the toll ofsorrow.There will be time for discussion later. As nonbelievers, our for the victims and their relatives and friends mean very little, and our prayers are nonexistent. All we can do is think canada goose outlet in canada of ways to keep this from happening again, even though we know that it will many times. canada goose outlet usa And that certainty is awful.It is older than people. Have you read Sagan of Forgotten Ancestors He describes a lot of nasty behaviors that humans usually consider unique for our species. how social groups of primates constantly patrol the borders of their reserved area, to defend it against neighboring social groups and also to probe whether the neighbors defense is efficient. If buy canada goose uk it isn then the patrols gradually expand the range of Our social group, until the Other social group is driven to extinction.Humans do the same, but spin sophisticated excuses for their behavior. Religion is one of the best.I cheap canada goose jackets could not, and would not advocate complete pacifism. Certainly I would not have done so in the face of Hitler. I admit canada goose outlet montreal it a difficult path to tread. I just have no desire to harm others unless and until I have been harmed, which negates my preferred stance of pacifism and I feel forced to reply much as in the well known tit for tat of game theory that Dawkins has often discussed. I admit, of course, canada goose kensington parka uk that to many, that stance leaves me open for canada goose outlet online uk a great deal of misery and as a target for those who have no restraints. What I meant by my post is that these continuing attacks push me to the limits of emotional restraint, and I feel the internal struggle; that I could jump from one pole to the other, from pacifism, or not wishing harm to anyone, to the option of wanting very dark and painful things to be unleashed upon those who would do so much harm.I not sure that makes it any clearer.I think it did make it clearer, and your stance canada goose outlet trillium parka black is nice (unlike what is often meant by (in a broader sense) have already been harmed, repeatedly. The question is how to attempt to prevent more of the same. While not against the nuclear option in any circumstances, I do not see any need even to conceive its use in the current of civilizations (which, to me, is an euphemism, because I see only 1 civilization).In the particular case of Nice, from what is reported canada goose outlet toronto about the alleged perpetrator, the attack could have been prevented simply by keeping him in his native Tunisia. Of course, nothing at the time indicated that he was a potential terrorist, but nothing canada goose outlet reviews indicated that he would benefit France, either. Unlike Prof. Coyne and most commenters here, I do not think that the values of Western societies require them to let in people who are strongly against those same values.The stance from the BBC and plenty of others that I have seen re ISIS inspired violence by individuals from ME and N Africa is that the region is economically depressed and has bad leaders and it is somehow overwhelmingly the fault of the West, even though the modern institutions they do have or the more humane laws are western inspired, but thanks to the West interventionism (surely great power play against the west is a factor in this) the young men have lost hope so why not mindlessly kill people? Insulting to young men I would have thought.Right. Let try to quash (if that is even possible) the NiceAttack hashtag. It should be AttackOnNice otherwise, Islamists will take it as congratulations. It turns out the canada goose outlet website legit killer was indeed, a Tunisian Islamist. Nothing to do with Islam of course. If only France had withdrawn from the world and completely isolated itself while still allowing unlimited immigration from Islamic hell holes, this would not have happened. Really? Does anyone actually still believe that shit? As long as the Regressive Left propaganda is the basis of policy regarding Islam in the West, everyone else will get the idea that our only choice in the West is between Christian fascism and Islamic fascism and will obviously opt for the former and vote in clowns like Trump as long as they promise (ie fascist) actions against all Muslims.My heart goes out to the victims and their families in Nice. It seems that guns aren required for a terrible atrocity like this, and this is the awful thing, a truck and a huge crowd are now the only requirements for mass murder.But seriously, What are the options to deal with terrorism? In England Northern Ireland the only thing that worked in the end with IRA Bombings was talking with the enemy, though canada goose outlet michigan Prime Minister of the time Mrs Thatcher always said we don negotiate with terrorists. The Red Brigade caused terror in Europe in the 1970 also. Hawk types want to the hell outta them, that may only bring more types.Daesh (ISIS, call em what you will) don negotiate with infidel so talking canada goose outlet real to them ain an option? We in the West can do nothing, mind you we are not doing nothing we are bombing Syria/Iraq, aren we? Hmm? What a tangled web.In the long run IMO as Jerry says terrorism/gun massacres etc will continue in a free liberal democracy. China sent tanks in to Tiananmen Square to eliminate its opponents, that the straight forward choice for totalitarians, but we can go down that road and continue as we are.We do have the example of The State of Israel which copes despite being surrounded by some serious lunatic neighbours.All that said the people the world over, no matter which particular they subscribe to, only want to have enough to live on each day, canada goose outlet near me with a few luxury when and if possible. It in accepting the or be killed mentality, as a valid life choice that seems to me to be the issue.Gandhi quote about an eye for an eye leaving the whole world blind seems like a nice philosophy, but it ain practical, nor realistic. Is it all a case of a ant colony invading a ant colony. Imagine the headlines in the News Today On a Mass Scale.My brain seems about to melt trying to solve this issue.I do not know enough about Northern Ireland, but it seems to me that there was something more important than talking, and it was the realization of pro canada goose discount uk independence militants that they wouldn achieve their goal, and with force they would achieve even less than by peaceful means. I have not been there, but news reported decrease of support for IRA among Catholics, plus emergence of terrorist organizations that eventually became more powerful and deadly than IRA.In my Bulgaria, there was a communist led uprising in 1923. This led nowhere, because the communists wanted simply to take power by force. Three of the perpetrators were sentenced to death and hanged, others were killed extrajudicially. The same fate suffered many communists who were not in the conspiracy and a number of quite innocent people.These measures, while grisly, helped. Communism was no longer a threat until 1944, when the Red Army imposed it. by a state apparatus or obvious strategic preparation for attack on us). What Pinker called compassionate tit for tat canada goose outlet store uk works but most of this is not issues of war. Its issues of ideas that the superpowers (Russia and to a much lesser extent China) take advantage of. We need pushback against ideological thinking that reduces everything to immoral capitalism and west versus good everything else and ignores historical and biological facts. The need to argue forcefully that the regressive and abstract thinking of the left is immoral and stupid and sometimes near treasonous. the UN recently saying the West is racist for not assuming responsibilty for all 65 million almost all Muslim refugees overwhelmingly seeking to escape the sectarian violence of their own religion rather than modernise it.) So much easier to blame the west. Liberal cultures by their nature compromise and accommodate but totalitarian cultures which are universal and evangelical,as Islam is will eventually force us to their religion even as a largish minority unless we are forced to become far less liberal and ditch humanism in response. In a globalised world Muslims have to canada goose outlet store montreal modernise for their own sake and we should be encouraging them not telling them its all our fault. That does not mean tolerating harassment and discrimination against muslims but it does mean expecting them to accept that they must abide by the majority law and most important cultural precepts. canada goose outlet paypal It also canada goose victoria parka outlet means being honest about the dangerous nature of traditionalist religion and expecting religions generally to respect humane values of absence of coercion and exploitation(except for good survival or overall social economic wellbeing reasons that actually pertain in the modern time and place). Principles are good guides but realism and outcomes are what people should be judged by. Need both good intentions and practical ideas/strategies that take into account realities.I often see an equation of the ME situation or Islamic violence with official canada goose outlet Northern Ireland conflict. The latter is an essentially nationalist conflict, whose leaders on both sides are/were not religiously inspired canada goose clearance sale.

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