After all, this week we didn’t see an outpouring of «Je suis

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buy canada goose jacket HuffPo: canada goose outlet phone number Coverage of Istanbul terror attack shows that America doesn care about Muslim livesAs we all know, PuffHo is having canada goose outlet vip a big campaign to not only make Islam seem like canada goose outlet germany a Wonderful Religion of Peace, but (and more admirably) to show that not all Muslims canada goose jacket outlet uk are terrorists. But they repeatedly conflate criticism of the religion with criticism of its adherents, lumping both under the rubric of word that the PuffHo throws around as often as the words and In fact, PuffHo rarely canada goose outlet houston even discusses the problematic tenets of Islam; I guess those are either off limits or too difficult for its brain dead readers.In the article I discuss below, for instance, there are 24 pictures of people explaining why we should canada goose discount uk challenge Islamophobia. Not but This one clearlyshows the conflation:Doesn that remind you of a certain NRA ish slogan about guns and people? The implication, of course, is that religion is not a source of violence that terrorists are simply violent people whoaren motivated by anything religious, noreven by any canada goose victoria parka outlet ideology. It about the stupidest thing one can say about the whole issue. After all, humans not only created religion and some of its violent dictates, but religions Islam in this case can beinterpreted by peopleas condoning, sanctioning, or even urging violence. I feel sorry for the brainwashed young man above.But canada goose outlet in usa on to the PuffHo article, and I try to be brief. He is the host of SiriusXM weekly program Dean Obeidallah show.At any rate, canada goose factory outlet Obeidallah is that because the Istanbulairport bombings weren covered as extensively as those in Paris or at the Brussels airport, this shows that either the American media, Americans in general, or both, think that the lives of Muslims are worth less than the lives of non Muslims. It all a manifestation of Islamophobia.Many, including myself, expected media outlets to cover this incident with at least the same intensity and breadth as they covered the Brussels terror attack in March that left 31 dead. Then we saw American news media spring into action, sending a cadre of anchors and reporters to Belgium providing «wall to wall coverage.»NBC’s Matt Lauer and Lester Holt anchored live from Brussels. MSNBC’s hostChris Hayes and anchor Thomas Roberts went to report from the streets of Belgium.When outlets like CNN consider a story especially important, they tend to bring out their top anchors. For Brussels, there was canada goose vest outlet extensive coverage, some anchored by Anderson Cooper, showing the gravity of the situation. «Good Morning America» featured a special edition on the attacks as well. But Istanbul wasn’t afforded the same treatment. Yes, there was widespread coverage Tuesday night on cable news channels in the hours after the incident. But come Wednesday, there appeared to be little to no anchors there from major American media canada goose outlet las vegas outlets on the streets of Turkey. We didn’t witness an outpouring of touching stories about those lost or detailed profiles about canada goose outlet the heroism of the several Turkish police officers killed in the attack. And as the day wore on, Istanbul became just one of many big stories covered in the news.The message sent by the American media, intentionally or not, is that when there’s an attack on a nation like Turkey that is 99 percent Muslim and the victims are primarily Muslim, it simply isn’t that important. You might be asking: What terror plots on Muslim Americans? Well that’s part of the problem.There’s Glendon Scott Crawford, a Klan member, who was convicted last August in federal court for trying to «acquire a radiation weapon for mass destruction» tokill Muslim Americans in New York State. He was convicted and facing a sentence of 25 years to life in August 2015, but we didn’t see many national headlines for this story. After all, this week we didn’t see an outpouring of «Je suis Turkey» type postings and Facebook didn’t create a Turkey filter for your profile the way it created a France one after the Paris attack.You get the idea. And perhaps there a soupon of truth canada goose outlet shop in Obeidallah argument. Buthe hasn considered alternative hypotheses that I think are more important. First, it likely that many American don evenknow that most Turks are Muslims! Yes, about 99% of them are, but neverunderestimate the ignorance of Americans when it comes to other countries.Second, it not as if the media ignored what happened in Turkey. It was the lead story on the NBC News three days running, and the major headline in papers like the New York Times. And, as a counterexample, the 2014 kidnapping of 276 Nigerian schoolgirls, many canada goose womens outlet of them Muslim,by Boko Haram, received huge media attention, prompting the Back our Girls campaign. The fact that many of those girls were Christians didn bring that attention: few people even knew the religions of those canada goose outlet eu girls. What mattered is that children were abducted.Third, there a reason why news organizations might deploy fewer commentators to places like Turkey: they farther away and thus more expensive to reach and broadcast from.But the main reason, of course, and one that I discussed before, may well bethis:the the Istanbul bombings may have gotten less coverage than those in Paris or Brussels not because Americans devalueMuslim lives, but becauseAmericans share more of their culture with Europe than with Turkey. How many Americans have visited either Brussels or Paris as opposed to Istanbul? How many canada goose sale uk Americans have lived in Europe compared canada goose outlet orlando to Turkey, or have friends or relatives in either Europe or Turkey? How many Americans know much about Turkish culture? This has nothing to do with dehumanizing adherents to a faith, but with feeling closer to a country that you know something about, and whose culture you more familiar with.If there were similar bombings in, say, in Papua New Guinea, which is largely Christian but with a layer of (non Muslim!) folk religions, canada goose outlet miami those would probably get even less attention. Or if you ready to claim that canada goose outlet trillium parka black that just because the inhabitants are largely black, substitute Vladivostok or Bucharest white Christian cities.As one of my friends emailed mewhen I pointed out this article, canada goose outlet location people just have a sort of weird need to beat themselves up about canada goose outlet in toronto things that have nothing to do with them. They are the modern day canada goose outlet winnipeg equivalent of the old timey Catholic saints whowore hairshirts, whipped themselves and only allowed themselves small sips of canada goose clothing uk warm water on hot days. Yep, Obeidallah is certainly in that group. People tend to view their own culture as superior to others and tragic canada goose outlet near me events affecting it are worthy of particular concerns. On the other hand, events affecting members of other cultures are viewed as somehow less important or less worthy of their attention. This should not be in the least surprising and there are countless historical examples. This is why the sinking of the Titanic is emblazoned in the minds of the British and Americans, although the deaths in this tragedy were lower than in so many others.None of this should be surprising in the least. It was only natural that the American media would spend more time canada goose outlet seattle on Pars than Istanbul. Islamophobia had little to do with this. If, for example, a Bulgarian ocean liner with mostly Bulgarian passengers had sunk in 1912 under similar circumstances, the event would have been long forgotten in America or Britain and the rest of the world.Basing one worldview on a false premise is not dangerous, people are?I think we need to look at all this nonsense from a more scientific point of view. Evolution has endowed us (and that includes us here) with a heard mentality. When that mentality is threatened, then this evokes a negative reaction; whether it be ignoring the threat or cutting off someone head.I don think ultimately a logical argument pointing out the impossibility of someone position will work. We need a more subtle tack.Don ask me what that is, I don know.This article from HUFFPO is a good example of picking out things, items and stories that fit your view and this is canada goose outlet buffalo the HUFF view even if they have to bend over backwards to get there. The Terrorist event in Turkey was not on the scale of Paris for one thing. http://www.canadagoosecanadaoutlet.com For the size and scope of it, the media coverage was pretty good. Points were made that the Turkish response as the event happened was very canada goose outlet store montreal good. Also, the fast cleanup and reopening of the airport the following day was extraordinary.Really good reporting on anything by the new media is stretched today because TV news particularly no longer has the money or the reporters it once had. They have all cut back a great deal. Today it is often entertainment/news. But I would also say something good when I see it and today, this morning on CNN, on Fareed Zacaria, GPS program he did a show called Why Are They Afraid Of Us? This was about Islamist Terrorism in the world and it was pretty good. One of the better things on TV for sure on this subject. I sure they will be rerunning it several times as they often do, so give it a look. You may be as surprise as I was about how fair and well done it was buy canada goose jacket.

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